Bitcoin rate and Bitcoin rate history , and information about bitcoins value can be found here at Bitcoin has for a long time been the crypto currency that has been the most popular among crypto-currency investors. Bitcoin was started in 2009 and has since its launch been the crypto currency’s most popular crypto currency. Bitcoin is a digital decentralized currency. This means that the currency is neither controlled nor regulated by a financial institution such as a bank. The bit behind Bitcoin is that it should work without the influence of political interests or financial institutions. And don’t forget to look at the history of cryptocurrency prices.

What affects Bitcoin Price?

There are a number of different factors that affect bitcoin price and bitcoin price. It is all from bigger news about bitcoins to how many bitcoins are being minted. What affects the bitcoins rate most is clearly the demand. The bitcoin rate itself is volatile and therefore you can expect that the rate will both rise and fall before we see the real value of bitcoins.Just now the market is still very young for both bitcoins and other crypto currencies. Always check our bitcoin graph to see the current price of bitcoins in real time.

Traditional exchange rates and Bitcoin rate

The exchange rates of all the world’s physical currencies are based on either the market or any external valuator. Currencies that are based on market movements are called floating exchange rates and the currencies based on other prices are called exchange rates. It is the floating currencies called fiat money and the fixed exchange rates are called coin feet etc.

What makes bitcoins so unique is that the bitcoin rate is not floating or a fixed rate. Instead, the bitcoins determine the value of the demand for the crypto currency. The greater the interest in bitcoins, the higher the bitcoin price rises, and in the same way, if interest is low, the bitcoin decreases the price associated with this. The fact that bitcoins value may increase or decrease depending on investor interest in the crypto currency has begun to worry experts. This is because no other currency can collapse as quickly as bitcoins and other crypto currencies, but this is also one of the reasons why bitcoins value has increased so quickly and with so much money flows, were attention goes.

Bitcoin rate history year by year

If you want to find a bitcoin rate history over a certain period of time? Then we have the answer below. We have listed bitcoin rate development and bitcoins rate history in recent years so that you can quickly and easily see the great value increase on bitcoins price. We have chosen to list both the high and low prices year by year, which makes it easier for you to see the possibilities of investing in bitcoins price development.

Bitcoin Rate 2009: $ 0 – 0 $

This was the start of bitcoins, but during this year you could neither buy anything with bitcoin nor perform transactions. The only thing that was possible during bitcoin in 2009 was to send bitcoins between each other.

2010 Bitcoin Rate: $ 0.01 – $ 0.08

It was the first during bitcoin in 2010 that bitcoins rate took off with an increase of 900% in less than 5 days. It was also in 2010 that the first transaction was made with bitcoins when Laszlo Hanyecz from the state of Florida in the US ordered two pizzas for 10,000 bitcoins.

2011 Bitcoin Rate: $ 0.1 – $ 29.62

Bitcoin rate in 2011 was the year when the crypto currency really takes off. It is during 2011 that the bitcoin rate history shows the volatility of the crypto currency.

Bitcoin Price Year 2012: $ 4.27 – $ 13.50

During the bitcoin rate in 2012, the crypto currency is not very special. The bitcoin rate stays fairly steady throughout 2012.

2013 Bitcoin Rate: $ 130 – $ 266

During the bitcoin rate in 2013, things start to happen with the bitcoin currency and more and more investors are getting their eyes on bitcoins. Thanks to the high interest in bitcoins, bitcoin also increases the price to new heights.

2014 Bitcoin Rate: $ 319.70 – $ 951.39

During the bitcoin rate in 2014, things really start to happen when it comes to bitcoins. It was only during the bitcoin rate in 2014 that the rate reached $ 1000. It was only after a false rumor spread that bitcoins would be banned in China that pushed the bitcoin price slightly.

2015 Bitcoin Rate: $ 177.77 – $ 463.84

First in bitcoin rate in 2015, the whole popularity with bitcoins begins to die out a little. Bitcoin price still has a good value, but 2015 had no major news or movements for bitcoins.

Bitcoin Price Year 2016: $ 380.21 – $ 964.24

Bitcoin rate in 2016 was a stable and market year for bitcoin rate history. It is during 2016 that the crypto currency gets its foothold and starts reaching a wider investor crowd than before. The crypto currency becomes more mainstream.

2017 Bitcoin Rate: $ 997.50 – $ 19.783.06

Bitcoin rate in 2017 is the absolute best year for the crypto currency and it explodes in popularity among both private investors and entrepreneurs.

Bitcoin rate year 2018: $ 6,200 -?

Bitcoin rate 2018 is the year we are in right now precisely because we can not yet determine what the bitcoin price will end on. We keep you updated here on the website which value bitcoin rate has in 2018.

Bitcoin Rate, Graph and Value

When you want to check the price of one currency in another, you use a so-called currency converter. When it comes to bitcoins, it works in theory in the same way. So to be able to answer the question: how much is a bitcoin worth? Then we need to use a currency converter. Unfortunately, interest is still not as great as seeing bitcoins converted into other currencies such as, for example, USD to GBP. In our bitcoin graph you see below you can set the graph in 1 month, 6 months, 1 year and 5 years.

The most popular currency to convert bitcoins to is definitely the USD Dollar. Using our bitcoin graph below, you can convert bitcoins to any currency you want, quickly and easily. Our bitcoin value graph shows you so much more than just the bitcoins exchange rate. You can also see the bitcoin price for previous years as well as current years. If you plan to start buying bitcoins, either via a bitcoin broker or a cfd broker, you have come to the right place.

Bitcoin in USD – what does a bitcoin cost?

What exactly does a bitcoin cost? We regularly get this question from our visitors. the price of a bitcoin in dollars is very easy to find, but when it comes to other currencies like bitcoin in sec, you always find the answer in real time here at If you, as a Swedish, want to start investing in bitcoins or bitcoins price developments then you can actually buy bitcoin with swish today. When it comes to buying bitcoins in Sweden, it is always important that you choose to buy your bitcoins from a licensed and regulated crypto currency broker. At bitcoin rates you will always find licensed and regulated bitcoin brokers and brokers in one place.

Invest in Bitcoin CFD

There are a number of ways you can invest in bitcoins. You can either choose to buy bitcoins at a bitcoin exchange or you can choose to invest with bitcoins via a bitcoin cfd broker. At you will find only the best bitcoin trading brokers. The listed bitcoin trading brokers have all met our requirements for deposit bonuses, benefits, security and regulation. No matter which method you choose to invest in bitcoins with, absolute bitcoin is in 2018, the year you should invest in bitcoin crypto currency.

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